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  • “Patricia Baronowski-Schneider is an incredibly strong leader who has full command on her commitment to customers and the value she is providing to them. I recently became client of Patricia and feel very strong about her organization as well as her strength of character. Business is all about trust and Patricia builds that confidence quickly. I would recommend her services to people seeking high growth opportunities in their respective industries.” Tariq Ali Asghar Tariq, Fintech Leader, Blockchain, IOT, Angel Investor, Advisor Family Offices, ETFs, Author & Speaker
  • “Patricia is utterly fantastic to work with on all types of special events including conferences, webinars, and seminars. She is terrific in all aspects of program, support, attendance recruiting, logistics, and also is a superb moderator. Her communications skills are nonpareil. She gets the message across in a professional and memorable manner. Her follow-up is equally assiduous and impressive. I also have seen evidence that she is a thoughtful and effective image consultant. In short, Patricia is simply aces!” Herbert Blank  – Global Finesse & Senior Quant and Blogger at ValuEngine.   
  • “We should talk about Patty’s aggressive mind for business, she is by far one of the most intense individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. She is always on point and grasping for the Brass Ring, which she achieves for her client’s time and time again. Her keen sense for keeping up to date in the latest business trends keeps your confidence in her at very high levels. Her easy-going personality seals the deal, making Patty and ‘Pristine Advisors’ a must for every business plan.”  Rob Frein, President at Frein Lazzara, ltd.
  • “I have known Patricia for many years at The Altman Group – initially during my tenure at the New York Stock Exchange, where she was a vital link between the NYSE and many of the key financial companies that were members of the Exchange. Later, when I associated myself with Cohen & Steers Funds, we utilized her company to assist us in many important activities. I highly recommend her for any high-level position in a financial oriented firm that demands complete professionalism and high integrity.” Ed Ward, Director at Cohen & Steers, Former BOD of NYSE.
  • “Patricia Baronowski-Schneider is a top-notch IR/PR Service Provider.  She is exceptionally well-versed in the closed-end fund space and is truly an innovative thinker.  Her unique skills in reaching out to shareholders on behalf of her clients, as well as the media and the investment community as a whole are what sets her apart from her peers.  She is energetic, goal oriented and works hard for every client she’s ever had.  Her relationships with the key players in the industry is amazing and her reputation for giving her clients 150% is stellar.  Any firm would be lucky to have her behind them”.  Warren Antler, The Altman Group.
  • “Thank you Patricia for your excellent work with outstanding understanding of the PR world. Having such an experienced and dynamic team on our side to take care of every public related issue and organize all of our conferences is priceless, but Patricia can do it for such an affordable budget with 100% success.  Always open to new ideas and building up positive media coverage that lead to company growth an expansion.  We couldn’t have asked for a better professional to work with us.”  Baring Asset Management
  • “Our Company has been in the hands of Patricia since the beginning, hence the growth of our firm is a vision of hers. The consistency and up to date knowledge she has, has provided us with excellent results.  She is always looking forward to meeting our company needs and addressing them properly with successful results in the end.  It is impressive to see how creative she is and her ideas are very well organized and precise.  Overall, it is always a great pleasure working with her and climbing the success ladder together.”  The Energy Kitchen.
  • “It is always a pleasure working with Patricia Baronowski-Schneider because of her professionalism, efficiency and dedication. She can steer your business in the right direction of success.  She is very organized and eager to do the tasks in question with 100% success.  The fact that she is doing IR and PR as well as marketing is saving money and time.  To work with the same people on both fields is a smart move considering the connection between good marketing and PR services.”  Man Sang Holdings
  • “Patricia brings tremendous value and experience to the table when she helps shareholders and prospective shareholders gain a better understanding of a Fund’s competitive value. She also helps boards and fund managers understand the impact of their decisions which can help avoid costly PR situations that have plagues some funds in our industry.”  John Cole Scott, Closed End Fund Advisors


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