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Case Study

Raising Capital

Raising Capital Through Strategic Alignment and Operational Efficiency


Although the company had a sophisticated product with broad appeal in an expanding market, they were struggling to achieve lift off. Burn rate was unsustainable, while a first-time team lacked the experience to see through an investment strategy. For Orchid Black, the most immediate objective was to position the company to raise funds through an end-to-end investment strategy.

The Solution

At the outset, Orchid Black put together a thorough investment strategy, including:

  • Due diligence preparation. A complete, investor-ready data room was prepared, including pitch materials. This often-overlooked aspect of investment preparedness was critical to the success of a quick fundraising cycle. The company was able to demonstrate sophistication and instill a sense of “deal FOMO” in investors.
  • An investor pipeline and outreach plan. A highly targeted investor pipeline and multi-channel outreach plan was established for the company, leading to productive meetings, driving investor interest in the company. The pipeline provided the systematic, data-driven framework required to put the company in front of the right investors and align presentations with investor interests.
  • Investor specific coaching for company leadership. While a pipeline was an essential framework for generating interest, it was also critical to establish a meeting strategy targeted to each investor. Orchid Black operators coached the founders in preparation for investor meetings by gathering critical intel, establishing a specific strategy for each meeting, and advising on how to drive the conversation forward.

“Orchid Black was able to help us through every step of the investment process,” said the company CEO, “providing a systematic and data-driven approach to secure funding.”

The Outcome

  • A data driven roadmap to deliver strategic growth
  • Client raised $2.25mm in under 6 months.

The end-to-end roadmap and execution Orchid Black provided achieved the desired objectives for the client, helping the pre-revenue startup hit their next growth milestone through successful investment strategy and execution.


Case Study

Fund Raise

End  to  End  Support  for  Fund  Raise


Thread makes it easy for men to dress well by recommending the perfect clothes for each person. They combine expert stylists with powerful AI to simplify shopping.

The company was growing quickly with over 1 million users and looking to leverage their network by turning their customers into investors.

Springboarding on the back of their $22m Series B investment from H&M and Balderton, the team asked Raising Partners to work with them on securing investment for the remainder of the round, crowdfunding readiness and management.

Overall 31 days, we raised 2,025,340 from 3.129 Investors for Thread against on initial target of 500,000

Raised: 2,025,340

Investors: 3,129

Target: 500,000


Investor Readiness

Crowdfunding Management

Investor Introductions

I provided end-to-end support for the entire fundraise from introducing new investors to the opportunity, to the bespoke curation of the all-important crowdfunding – specific assets, namely the campaign video, investor desk, investor testimonials, pitch page and investor communications.,

I also acted as an ongoing strategic advisor between the platform and the team to ensure the smooth handling of all investment-related processes; E.G. legal documentation, due diligence and completions.

This was the first time the ‘crowd’ could invest on the same financial terms as professional investors, including H&M & Beringea.

OUTCOME: Nominated for Campaign of the Year


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