What do I do?

Part of most IR/PR Programs entails investor introductions for your clients, marketing, media exposure, introductions and meetings with analysts, brokers, etc. 

I had spent years “going through the motion” of searching:

  • Financial Conferences that were ill attended or had unqualified attendees
  • Webcasts that were “unorganized” and “scattered” in terms of topics and attendees
  • Groups that made promises they did not keep
  • Organizations that charged enormous fees with nothing in return
  • Outrageous fees for events that proved to have little to no ROI

I am an innovator.  I am a problem solver.  I put my clients needs first.

I saw a need for my clients; yet saw no solution presenting themselves.  My solution?


Taking my closed-end funds as an example – I developed the following:

  • Annual Closed-End Fund “EXCLUSIVE” Conference series – allowing CEF’s to present and network to an audience that is specifically and exclusively interested in CEF’s only.  Not mixed in with a crowd of ETF and Equity Firms.  My fees were not charged by “assets under management” or charged in a manner where I would reap a financial gain.  Fees paid by presenters cover the cost of the venue only.  I did not make a dime – I merely was the facilitators.
  • One-Day/One-Place Roadshow.  I utilized my CEF Conference as a means of helping presenters avoid costly fees of traveling on weekly roadshows.  One could incur the cost of hotels/airfare traveling the world to meet brokers, analysts, shareholders, media – or you could come to my event where I brought the audience to you – whereby saving presenters money.
  • www.cefnetwork.com — I realized that marketing and social media go hand-in-hand.  I created a portal for clients to have another means of promoting their materials.  I had manager commentary, financial data, news, etc.  I have formed alliances with the media in which they utilize this website for content for stories
  • My CEFN site also has its own social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) whereby adding additional marketing and networking across the board for all client content

My skillset goes beyond closed-end funds as well.  I work with all types of firms – from the big to the small, from the local to the global, from the listed to the non-listed – I am well versed in all aspects of IR/PR.

Some additional initiatives I have undertaken:

  • Website Design and Maintenance.  For years I spent unnecessary hours trying to communicate client needs for website design and content to technical-oriented firms that did not understand the content in the first place.  It is difficult for someone to fully understand how something should be laid out and presented – when they do not understand the message or data you are trying to display.  I took it upon myself to obtain the necessary skills – bring in the best of the best – and  handled several client websites, including complete redesign to ensure ease of use, SEO, proper presentation, and a competitive edge against their peers.
  • Social Media Strategists.  As the social media platforms have been taking off at rocket speeds, many companies are still nervous and hesitant to utilize the opportunities that they offer.  Some are nervous about the unknown, many legal counsels do not fully understand it and therefore, advise against it, others just do not know the great advantages that one can benefit from them.  I am well trained in social media.  I am a fully certified social media strategist.  I attend conferences and events to keep on top of the ever-changing world of technology.  
  • Perception Studies – more defined.  Sure, Perception Studies are not new.  Many people do them.  Problem is – most do them by surveying your top investors.  I answers calls from investors of all sizes.  From the mom and pop who own 15 shares, to the institutional investor who owns 15 million shares.  I understood that each has a different need in their investment.  I began doing perception studies and reaching out to all parties – to get a real sense of “perception” from the “whole” investment community.  Companies were surprised to see such a “range” in responses.  It helped many firms not only see the way they were being viewed by the various investors and investment community, but it also helped point out some snag points in their current outreach methods (i.e., information not complete for some investors, materials not easy to find or obtain, etc.)  Overall, this method has helped many of my clients through the years refine their current programs to better suit “all” investors.
  • Technology.  We all know that face time wins over conference call in most situations.  Since many of my clients were international, it is often difficult to get face time.  I worked with some of my international clients to help set up vlogs, whereby giving shareholders a chance to “see” the management at least once a month.  A lot can be said by seeing a managers’ expressions and enthusiasm while speaking to you. 
  • Media Mavens.  I understand that there is no such thing as bad press.  Well, most of the time that is.  Repetition is important.  Hearing a firm’s name repeatedly, in various publications, websites, chat rooms, blogs, radio stations, etc. can have a huge impact on a company and its underlying stock.  I don’t just follow the press that covers the financial industry – I dig deeper.  I am an investigator.  I search for any and every angle I can use to get my clients coverage in the media.  Hearing a manager’s name and/or a firm’s name speaking not only about your firm, but also as an expert on various topics speaks volume to the level of respect and recognition that your company will achieve.
  • Industry Knowledge and Contacts.   With over 35 years of IR/PR experience, I not only know the financial industry exceptionally well, I also have built up an impressive contact list.  One of the things that have set me apart from my peers is in fact, my contact list database.  When I bring on a new client, I am already set to begin introductions.  I also begin the process of building upon my current contact list with individuals and interested parties specific to each client, but I am well established to “start” introductions right out the gate.  I am well respected in the industry and have connections across the globe and across the markets.  This takes much of the guesswork and legwork most firms go through when “starting” a program for a new client.  I can easily bypass much of this. 
  • One-Stop-Shop.  Through the years I’ve seen many IR firms that tout “Investor Relations” when their skillset is narrow and focused.  Some only do conferences.  Some only do webcasts.  Some only write annual reports.  Some PR firms only do advertising.  The list goes on and on. It’s important to see the integration of a variety of different services. I offer clients investor relations counseling – but I also provide advice on financial media opportunities. I am also involved in marketing and branding so if your company is not well known in a certain market, I can help you to raise your profile. The corporate brand can drive the value of the company – so I also help companies with advertising, corporate videos and web sites. I integrate all of these features and offer them on a global basis. I combine these services in a seamless way. There are some companies who say we don’t need all that and that’s fine. But it’s more than likely that they do. They just don’t realize it.  I am not pushy…I have a full service and an ala carte menu of services.  I am here for any and all of your needs, when you are ready for them.

I was recently featured in Advertising Today for an article, “Components of Public Relations Strategy” and also Won “Best Publicist” by Bethpage Best of the City.